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​14 L | Support for full sized ATX motherboards | triple slot GPU | ATX power supply

Exceptional design & enjoyable build.

SFF time is very proud to introduce its second case, the N-ATX.

It is a 14 L case that supports ATX motherboards, triple slot GPU's and ATX power supplies. It comes with the same elegant design language and cooling performance of P-ATX while increasing compatibility and adding support for custom water cooling.

That makes it a perfect entryway into the SFF world, especially for those who want to downsize from their larger cases without having to replace many components or make compromises regarding thermal performance or case volume. With only 14 L in volume and very narrow footprint, N-ATX truly is a small form factor case in every way possible.

If you are interested in water cooling, N-ATX can accommodate a 360 mm radiator when using ITX motherboard along with enough space for a pump. This allows for extreme cooling performance so you can quietly cool the highest end GPU and CPU and also provide enough power for both thanks to ATX power supply support.

Not sure your build would fit?

P-ATX V2 and N-ATX side by side view

n atxx.jpg

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