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​15 L | Support for full sized ATX motherboards | 3 & 4 slot GPU | ATX power supply

Introducing the N-ATX V2: Your Gateway to Small Form Factor Cases

Elevate your PC build with the N-ATX V2, a versatile 15-liter case designed to maximize compatibility and performance in a compact footprint.

Unmatched Versatility

Supporting full-sized ATX motherboards, 3 and 4 slot GPUs, and ATX power supplies, the N-ATX V2 offers unparalleled flexibility for your build. Plus, it's water-cooling ready, accommodating a 360mm radiator with ease for extreme cooling performance.

Smart Design, High Compatibility:

Our intelligent design enables seamless downsizing from larger cases without compromising on component compatibility. With native support for gen4 risers and an inverted layout, the N-ATX V2 ensures excellent cooling performance and easy cable management. The symmetric front panel features a front USB-C gen3.2 connector for modern connectivity, while the raised MBO position enhances compatibility with 4-slot GPUs when using an ITX motherboard.

Sleek Aesthetics, Durable Construction:

Experience sleek aesthetics with a clean front panel and no visible seams, complemented by lightweight yet sturdy 100% aluminum construction. The durable powder-coated finish ensures long-lasting durability and a premium look.

Efficient Packaging, Eco-Friendly Approach:

Our innovative construction style allows the N-ATX V2 to be fully disassembled and flat-packed, reducing environmental impact with plastic-free packaging. Assembly is straightforward, ensuring you can enjoy your N-ATX V2 with ease.

small atx pc case
Not sure your build would fit?

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