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Smallest ATX case! |  Exceptional design & enjoyable build.


Our P-ATX V3 is a 10.4 L case that supports

  • Full sized ATX motherboards.

  • SFX power supply, and a

  • Full-length dual slot GPU.

+ It can also support triple slot GPU with an ITX motherboard.

This makes it the smallest ATX case on the market!

Design | ventilation & cooling for high-end hardware!

  • Performance focused, optimized internal layout.

  • Focused on airflow to allow great ventilation.

  • Enabled native support for gen4 risers

  • Symmetric front panel with front USB-C gen3.2 connector.

​​Look & Feel

  • Sleek design with clean front panel.

  • No visible seams.

  • Lightweight, premium 100% aluminum construction.

  • Durable powder-coated finish.



  • Flat-packed for easier shipping

  • Plastic free packaging.

  • Some assembly required

small atx pc case
Not sure your build would fit?

P - ATX V2 | Videos and reviews

Check out the Hardware Canucks P-ATX V2 review: "The SMALLEST ATX Build Yet - Ryzen 5900X in a 10L Case!"

SFF time P-ATX
SFF time P-ATX
SFF time P-ATX
SFF time P-ATX

We made the Hardware Canucks Top 5 PC cases of 2020:"The Best Cases of 2020 - Airflow, ITX, ATX & MORE!"

Selected as the Best Surprise of 2020  Timestamp 3:46

SFF time P-ATX
SFF time P-ATX
SFF time P-ATX
SFF time P-ATX
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