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Ever since 2004, when I built my first PC, the case was the part I was always excited about the most. Sure, I have always tinkered the CPU's and GPU's, but the case was the part that always gave me that rush.

In late 2016, I have discovered the fantastic new world of SFF cases, and in 2017 I built my first PC in one. But, I wasn't satisfied with the layout and thermals, so naturally, I figured I can do better. And after a lot of 3D design, testing and prototypes, I can finally present the P-ATX, the case which is only 9 liters in volume, but can fit a lot of hardware, some not very common for such small cases.

Based on P-ATX design philosophy, I will continue to develop other cases which will improve hardware compatibility even further, and thus have a line-up of cases with excellent space efficiency, for every hardware, and any purpose.

- Jakov, CEO

SFF time llc.

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