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    N-ATX V2 is a 15 L case that supports ATX motherboards, triple or four slot GPU's and ATX power supplies. It comes with the same elegant design language and cooling performance of P-ATX V3 while increasing compatibility and adding support for custom water cooling.

    That makes it a perfect entryway into the SFF world, especially for those who want to downsize from their larger cases without having to replace many components or make compromises regarding thermal performance or case volume. With only 15 L in volume and very narrow footprint, N-ATX V2 truly is a small form factor case in every way possible.


    Compared to previous V1 version, V2 features lightweight, fully aluminum construction. It comes flat-packed for easier shipping, in plastic free packaging. We also enabled native support for gen4 risers and inverted layout. Also, front panel is now symmetric and includes front USB-C gen3.2 connector.  It also has improved support for larger 4slot GPU's and for larger ATX PSU's.




    1. N-ATX V2 case doesn't come with the riser cable included. If you want to order it along with the case, please select the riser type you'd like from the accessory section on the shop site.


    2. N-ATX V2 case comes flat packed and small amount of assembly is required before installing the components in


    Price does not include shipping and VAT

    Orders shipping to EU: VAT applied at checkout

    • Specifications

      •    15 L volume with 405.5 x 367 x 101 mm outer dimensions
      •    console/"pizza box" style case with CPU and GPU fans in the same orientation
      •    ATX power supply up to 180 mm
      •    vertically mounted GPU with multiple riser cable options
      •    support for following motherboard sizes: mini-ITX, mini-DTX, micro-ATX, ATX
      •    support for 380mm long triple slot graphic card, or 4 slot if using ITX sized motherboard
      •    support for 360mm radiators
      •    CPU coolers up to 79 mm in height
      •    support for a 3.5" drive and up to eleven 2.5" drives
      •    back of motherboard accessible for cooler installation
      •    front USB-C gen3.2 port
      •    sturdy powder-coated aluminum construction
      •    narrow footprint - 120 mm wide with included stand
      •    inverted layout option
      •    1.95 kg weight 

    • Compatibility

      Please read through our N-ATX V2 Compatibility page.

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