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23 April 2021

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P-ATX V2 Black

P-ATX V2 Black


SFF time P-ATX is a 10 L case that supports full sized ATX motherboards, SFX power supply, and full-length dual slot GPU. This makes it the smallest ATX case on the market!

It can also support triple slot GPU with an ITX motherboard.

Apart from having exceptionally optimized internal layout, this case also has great ventilation thus enabling good cooling performance even for the high-end hardware!

And let’s not forget the sleek design with clean front panel and no visible screws and seams.


Price does not include shipping and VAT

Orders shipping to EU: 25% VAT applied at checkout


    • 10 L volume with 378 x 342 x 78 mm outer dimensions
    • included 32 mm tall and 108 mm wide  stand
    • console/"pizza box" style case with CPU and GPU fans in the same orientation for optimal airflow
    • SFX/SFX-L power supply up to 130mm
    • vertically mounted GPU with included ADT PCI-e gen3 x16 GPU riser cable
    • support for following motherboard sizes:
      • mini-ITX
      • mini-DTX
      • micro-ATX
      • ATX
    • support for full length dual slot graphic card, or triple slot if using ITX sized motherboard
    • support for 120mm AIO and 92mm with included adapter
    • CPU coolers up to 59 mm in height
    • support for up to two 3.5" drives, and up to eight 2.5" drives
    • back of motherboard accessible for cooler and M.2 installation
    • 2 front USB 3.0 ports
    • sturdy powder-coated steel construction - 1 mm frame with 0.8 mm side panels and 2 mm front/top face
    • narrow footprint
    • improved GPU and PSU brackets


    1. Width:
        default - max triple slot (~62mm)
        with ATX, m-ATX or m-DTX board - max dual slot (~42mm)

    2. Length (for 2 slot gpu’s):
        default - 370 mm
        with 120 mm AIO - 245 mm (or 270 mm if using 92 mm fan)
        with both 3.5 HDD’s installed - 270 mm
        with more than four 2.5 HDD’s installed - 302 mm
        with 92mm AIO - 270 mm

    3. Length (for 3 slot gpu’s):
        default - 370 mm
        with 120 mm AIO - 245 mm
        with 3.5 HDD - 270 mm
        with more than two 2.5 HDD’s installed - 302 mm
        with 92mm AIO - 270 mm

    4. Height:
        default - 140 mm
        when using motherboard with memory slots in low position – 136 mm

        dimensions do not include PCI bracket
        PCI-e riser cable is included with the case.
    1. Air cooler – up to 59 mm high
    2. Water cooling – up to 38 mm thick fan with following block and radiator dimensions:
        block with tubes exiting from the side – up to 59 mm high
        block with tubes exiting from the top – up to 39 mm high
        120 mm radiator – up to 30 mm thick and 124 mm wide
        92 mm radiator – up to 30 mm thick

        Please see GPU compatibility for GPU dimension limits with various radiator options.
        Please see HDD compatibility for HDD dimension limits with various radiator options.

    1. 3.5” hard drives – two units
    2. 2.5” hard drives in lower position – 9.5 mm units with following options:
        without 3.5” drives – 7 units
        with one 3.5” drive – 4 units
        with two 3.5” drives – one unit

    3. 2.5” hard drive in upper position – one 7 mm unit

        Please see GPU compatibility for GPU dimension limits with various hard drive options.
        HDD support is limited to one 7 mm 2.5” unit if using water cooling

        1. ATX, mini ATX and mini DTX boards with dual slot GPU’s
        2. Mini ITX boards with triple slot GPU’s
    MEMORY STICKS:     Up to 64 mm tall

    POWER SUPPLIES: SFX and SFX-L up to 130mm long

    Wi-Fi ANTENNAS: Three RP-SMA mounting holes on the back panel


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