P-ATX V1 black

Smallest ATX case!


SFF time P-ATX is a 9L case that supports full sized ATX motherboards, SFX power supply, and full length dual slot GPU. This makes it the smallest ATX case on the market!


It also features an elegant design without seams and screws visible from the outside, and with low restrictions to airflow.


  • 9L volume, 380 x 342 (343) x 69 (72) mm dimensions (overhangs from aluminum front/top face)

  • console/"pizza box" style case with CPU and GPU fans in the same orientation

  • SFX/SFX-L power supply up to 130mm (TFX or Flex-ATX with optional brackets)

  • support for following motherboard sizes:

    • mini-ITX

    • mini-DTX

    • micro-ATX

    • ATX

    • e-ATX (only with TFX or Flex-ATX supply)

  • support for full length dual slot graphic card, or triple slot if using ITX sized motherboard

  • support for 120mm AIO and 92mm with optional adapter

  • CPU coolers up to 53mm in height

  • support for up to 2 3.5" HDD's, and up to 8 2.5" SSD's or HDD's

  • up to 3 60mm case fans on top, and 1 60mm fan or 2 40mm fans on the bottom of the case

  • back of motherboard accessible for cooler and M.2 installation

  • 2 front usb 3.0 ports

  • included ADT PCI-e x16 3.0 riser cable

  • custom made power switch that integrates into case design

  • Kensington lock that also locks the left panel

  • powder coated 1 mm steel frame with 0.6mm steel side panels and anodized 3 mm aluminum front/top face

  • small footprint - only 263 cm2 or 389 cm2 with included stand

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