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Smallest ATX case!

10 L | Support for full sized ATX motherboards | SFX power supply | full-length dual slot GPU

Exceptional design & enjoyable build.

SFF time P-ATX is a 10 L case that supports full sized ATX motherboards, SFX power supply, and full-length dual slot GPU. This makes it the smallest ATX case on the market!

It can also support triple slot GPU with an ITX motherboard.

Apart from having exceptionally optimized internal layout, this case also has great ventilation thus enabling good cooling performance even for the high-end hardware!

And let’s not forget the sleek design with clean front panel and no visible screws and seams.

P-ATX V2 - ready for new Ampere graphic cards!

Our new P-ATX V2 case is ready for new Nvidia RTX 3000 FE series cards offering great compatibility and thermal performance thanks to its optimal path for both intake and exhaust air.

This is accomplished with unrestrictive PCI bracket area and ventilation on the back side of the case for exhaust and big, high air-to-metal ratio ventilation holes for the intake.

  • RTX3090 - compatible with ITX motherboard

  • RTX3080 - compatible with ATX motherboard and 120 mm case fan

  • RTX3070 - compatible with ATX motherboard and 120 mm AIO CPU cooler

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